This Week's Events


Registration for the 2017-2018 School Year is ongoing. 

December 11, 2017

8:10 am Morning Prayer and Advent Service
2:30 pm Girls' BB Practice

2:30 pm Cheerleading
2:30 pm Leadership Team Meeting
6:00 pm Boys' BB Practice

2:30 pm Cheerleading
6:00 pm Boys' BB Practice

Honor Hat Day
PreK-4 - Gr. 2 Children's Holiday Festival
Buddy Activity

Grinch Day K - Gr. 2
1:00 pm Christmas Program Walk-through
6:00 - 7:30 pm HSA Christmas Caroling

1:00 pm Boys BB Game at Home

8:30 am PreK-3 Program
9:00 am Morning Prayer and Advent Service
NO Music
HSA Dress Down Day with pass only
NO Boys', Girls' BB or Cheerleading this Week

8:30 am PreK-3 Program
Music Classes
NO Gym
1:00 pm Christmas Program Dress Rehearsal

Pay $1.00 and Dress in Christmas Colors
9:00 am PreK-4 Program
NO Regular Gym Classes
2:30 pm Art Club
7:00 pm Gr. K - 3 & Select Chorus Christmas Program

9:00 am PreK - Gr. 3 & Select Chorus Christmas Program
Advent Service
11:00 am Dismissal - All Grades
NO PM Latch-Key
December 22 - January 2, 2018
Christmas Recess

December 25
Merry Christmas

Wednesday, January 3, 2018
Classes Resume

Please continue to support our ongoing fundraisers: CandyGram Sale, Ink Cartridge/Toner Recycle, Box Tops for Education, Pop Tabs for the Ronald McDonald House

Miss Maria's Page

Welcome to Pre-K 4! My name is Mrs. Maria Arist. The children call me "Miss Maria" and I have been teaching Pre-K for 13 years.

I love being an Early Childhood Educator because it is so rewarding. There is so much growth that happens during the Pre-K year. The children mature both educationally and physically, as well as, socially and emotionally. My goal is to make sure all of those needs are met daily.

Most of the school day is spent working in small groups, under the guidance of my two classroom aides, Mrs. Christina Moses and Mrs. Lynne Kanfoush. My aides are essential to our classroom structure. With their help, the children are able play, learn, and explore the learning centers that have been created within the classroom. The centers have been adapted to follow the guidelines of the NYS Core Curriculum. The center areas include Science, Math, Fine Motor, Art, Alphabet Recognition, Dramatic and Block play.

The students attend Gym, Music, and Art classes. They will have homework twice a week.

I believe in positive discipline. The children are rewarded at the end of each day for good behavior. In my classroom, we learn to respect our friends, our teachers, and each other. We are a part of a team, and we learn to help our friends.

The most important rule I have in our class room is
                   "We never say can't.  We just try, try, try."

I expect my students to come in to school every day and do their best, and I will do the same. 

                  Miss Maria's Pre-K 4 2017-18 September Supply List

2 - rolls of paper towels
3 - boxes of Kleenex
2 - thick glue sticks
1 - bottle of Elmer's or Crayola glue
3 - containers of Clorox or Lysol wipes
2 - packages of baby wipes 
1 - package of flushable wipes
1 - 1 inch clear cover three ring binder
1 - package of gallon Ziploc bags
1 - large bottle of hand sanitizer
1 - package of napkins
1 - box of 5oz. Dixie cups
1 - can of Lysol spray
1 - box plastic forks
1 - box plastic spoons 

    $25.00 - Rest Mat (if you don’t already have one from last year) 
    $15.00 - Alphabet Journal, Classroom Journal and Go Home Communication Bag
    *Cash Only Please