This Week's Events


Registration for the 2018-2019 School Year is ongoing.
Office Summer Hours
July and August
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Summer Ideas 
CAONF Summer Tutoring
Cheerleading Camp Gr. 3-6 beginning August 20th
Lighthouse Summer Learning Camp
Diocese of Buffalo Camp Turner
Vacation Bible School "Splash" Canyon

Please continue to support our ongoing fundraisers: Ink Cartridge/Toner Recycle, Box Tops for Education, Pop Tabs for the Ronald McDonald House

Faculty & Staff

Board of Directors
Chairman/Canonical Administrator: Rev. Robert Hughson
On-Site Parochial Vicar: Fr. Jeff Nowak
Vice-Chair: James Catanese
Secretary: Linda Mocny
Principal: Mrs. Jeannine Fortunate
Members:  Lois Juron                Walter Garrow            Kenneth Hamilton            
                Ralph Meranto          Rev. Duane Klizek       John Phillips
                Sr. Nora Sweeney     Brian Klimecko            Michael Volpe
                Frederick Heuer        James Woodruff
Business Manager: Ray Beaudry
Faculty Representative: Kaycie Kratts
Faculty/STREAM Coordinator: Johanna Richards  
Home School Representative: James Phillips                 
Mrs. Jeannine M. Fortunate Principal, Ext. 202
Mrs. Susan Kline Secretary, Main Office Ext. 200, Enrollment Ext. 201
Mr. Ray Beaudry Business Manager, Ext. 204  
Mr. Brian Klimecko Office Assistant  
Mrs. Dorothy DePlanche  Business Office Bookkeeper    
Mrs. Allison Sliwowski Pre-K(3), Ext. 213
Mrs. Maria Arist Pre-K(4), Ext. 211
Mrs. Pam Choolokian Pre-K(4), Ext. 212   
Mrs. Vicki Bower Pre-K Aide
Mrs. Elizabeth O'Brien Pre-K Aide  
Mrs. Eileen O'Neil Pre-K Aide  
Mrs. Alberta DeMartino Pre-K Aide  
Miss Andrea Nugent Pre-K Aide  
Ms. Lynne Kanfoush Pre-K Aide  
Mrs. Alana Edel Kindergarten, Ext. 210  
Mrs. Christina Moses Kindergarten Aide  
Mrs. Johanna Richards 1, STREAM Coordinator, Ext. 207
Mrs. Heather Zeller 2, Ext. 208
Mrs. Lori Siczewicz 3, Ext. 221
Miss Christina Lopardi 4, Ext. 223
Mrs. Kaycie Kratts 5, Ext. 219
Mrs. Mary Champoux 6, Spanish, Assistant Principal, Ext. 220, Ext. 224 (Spanish)
Mrs. Louise Weaver Art, Ext. 217
Mrs. Christine Connolly Learning Support Services, Grade 6 ELA, Ext. 222
Mrs. Cathy Potter Library
Mrs. Casey Gaudy Music, Chorus, Ext. 225
Mrs. Leah Zahradnik Physical Education, Ext. 209
Mrs. Pamela Casero Technical Support
Mr. Joseph Dzielski Keyboarding, Technology, Primary Coordinator, Ext. 215
Linda Venuto School Nurse, Ext. 203  
Mr. Bryan Saj School Counselor   
JoAnne Warmus Lunch Coordinator, Ext. 214
Mr. William Kline Maintenance, Ext. 206
Extended Care Director Mrs. Pamela Choolokian, Ext. 212

Please contact the school office if you would like to schedule a conference with any of our teachers.