Catholic Academy of Niagara Falls is a faith-building community of administrators, teachers, staff and families dedicated to providing a faith-based education, while fostering spirituality and academic excellence in a Christian community. Our goal is excellence, academically, spiritually, athletically and socially. Every day we encourage our students to try a little harder than the day before, help their classmates and gain a greater awareness of the community outside the school.

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What Our Parents Say

We appreciate feedback from our parent partners, and here's what some have said about Catholic Academy of Niagara Falls.

Angela VanEgmond
Chris Muth
The LaFountains
Dr. Ashley N. Newbury

Angela VanEgmond

As a parent, I want the best for my children. I want them to be happy! I believe the happiest children strive in any situation they are in. They have a positive outlook on life and they always see the glass half full. Catholic Academy welcomes my children to school everyday and encourages them to strive for their personal best! My boys are excited to go to school to see their friends and teachers. I love the small class sizes as I know my children are getting what they need and my boys love the "extras" that the school offers, for example, after school "clubs" like STREAM, Art and Student Council. My husband and I trust that our children are safe and happy at Catholic Academy!

Chris Muth

As a parent of two Catholic Academy students, I can say that this school has exceeded all expectations I had as a parent going in. This school offers an enriching environment which has allowed both of my children to learn and grow in ways that make them want to come to school each day. The teaching staff has impressed me with both their compassion and their ability to challenge students in new ways each year. You never feel like just a number because the staff is always accommodating and accessible to you. You really feel that you play a part in your child's education.

The LaFountains

When we were looking for a place for our son to go to school we wanted an environment that we were sure our son would get hands-on learning but also be encouraged to make friends and be himself. Our expectations have been exceeded by Catholic Academy. We not only get to be super involved in everything that he does but have gotten to know the amazing educators who teach our son when we are not there. It's a community of parents and teachers focused on raising and teaching our children, so that they can become kind, smart, and driven adults. We know when our son goes to school he's going to be in a loving and learning environment.

Dr. Ashley N. Newbury

Sending my son to Catholic Academy, starting in Pre-K 3, has been one of the best decisions I have made as a parent thus far. He is now finishing up Kindergarten and we have both enjoyed every second! Regardless of your municipality, if within reach, I strongly recommend that Catholic Academy of Niagara Falls be your first choice for your child(ren)’s education. I have come in contact with a lot of educators over the years and our teachers hold my highest regard. Our school offers a superior academic program that incorporates STREAM, while offering a safe learning environment. The quality of our school is like none other, it’s absolutely priceless!


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